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I Need A Little More Grace!

“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

2 Peter 3:18

I remember being a curious teenager who wanted to know the reason for any boundaries which were placed in my life. Our parents would tell us what we could and should not do. When I would ask the proverbial question why, I was often met with a stern: “Because I said so.” As much as I wanted to know the why, I also wanted to know if my parents knew how far I would go without breaking the rules. Later In life, after having children, I found myself challenged with the dilemma of knowing how much explanation was needed to train our children to obedient. I understood that they needed to understand what it meant to obey their parents, and they must know how to trust what they may not understand. On the surface this seems to be oxymoronic, but it’s not. Hebrews teaches us that “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (11:1). The substance, or reason is not something that can be touched but known within. We are to stand on the Word of God, His promises, and trust what it says to happen. Simple? Not really. If we are honest, many Christians have struggled with believing what we can’t see with our physical eyes. The Lord knew this would be an issue and He offers us time to grow. If you remember, Thomas, the apostle who refused to believe Jesus had risen from the dead until he saw his scars, had the same issue we have today. Thomas had an encounter with the Lord, and he finally believed. Although we may not experience the supernatural visitation of Jesus to erase our doubts, we can encounter His presence. We are to continuously worship, read the Bible, pray and listen for His voice. The more we are intentional to practice these disciplines, the more we grow. Faith in God demands that our knowledge increases so that we can grow. If we ask Him, the Lord will provide the grace we need to help us be patient and believe until the manifestation of His promises come to past.


Father, I thank you that you are patient with me. Today I refuse to allow excuses to stand in the way of my faith. I ask You to help me where I am weak, where I doubt, where I have fears. I know that Your Word is true, and I want to be filled with faith in You. I ask for the grace I need to grow in knowledge and faith. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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