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Transformational Coaching

Transformational COACHING

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Relationship | Conflict Resolution | Reconciliation

We help clients get where they want to be in their PERSONAL and their PROFESSIONAL lives.

Graceful Fire Coaching, LLC provides:


  • Assists clients clarify important concerns and identify goals

  • Create a road map that helps achieve those goals

  • Change habitual behaviors that hamper individuals and organizations from resolving issues and/or achieving goals

  • Shift unhelpful reactions into constructive responses

  • Improve communication skills for more efficient and productive relations

  • Become better problem solvers by developing awareness, clarity, and different structure for thought processes


Life is built around community, therefore conflict is a natural by-product of working and living with others. The goal isn’t to avoid all conflict. Understanding how to approach differences, disagreements, and disputes can be valuable tools for growth and progress. Relationship or conflict coaching can help to transform dissention into harmonious opportunities.

If you are ready to make a change, then life coaching is for you.

Ministry Consulting

Ministry Consulting & Training

Spiritual Check-up | Diagnosis | Treatment Plan


Church & Mission Health

  • Conflict Management

  • Effective Communication (Leaders & Auxiliaries)

  • Ministry Assessment

  • Peaceful Confrontation


Global Missions - Revealing His Glory!

  • Mission Training/Seminars

  • Short-term Mission Preparation

Leadership Training

  • Biblical Foundation of Leadership

  • Transformational Leadership Principles

  • The Chosen Mile: Mediating Peace





Specialized Group Workshops

  • Discipleship

  • Financial Forgiveness

  • Relational Wisdom


  • Leading the Leaders


  • Women on the Frontline


Spiritual Life Studies

  • Graceful Communication

  • Inner Peace

  • Married…and LOVING it!

  • Reconciliation

  • Overcoming Offense

  • Spiritual Warfare


Biblical Curriculum Writing

  • If your ministry is feeling the dryness of using the same curriculums

each year, we offer tailored curriculums to meet your unique study

needs. We can provide theme, book, age, and gender-based studies.

Stressed Woman
Global Ministry Training
Leadership Training
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